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Diamond Head Hiking & Acai Bowl & Malasada

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Diamond Head Crater

Diamond Head Trail

Acai bowl

Bogart's Cafe

Diamond Head Early morning hike and two must-see local gourmet food in Hawaii! There is always a huge line at the ticket booth for the very popular Diamond Head Tour. Our tours are ticketed in advance, so you don't have to wait in line.  First of all, the first thing in the morning is a mountain climb like a hike with Diamond Head for about 30 minutes one way. At the top is a spectacular view of Waikiki and the vast ocean in a 360-degree panorama! The spectacular view of the rising sun will surely be the best memory of Hawaii ♪ Also, it is not well known, Diamond Head is also a power spot where many power stones are hidden. Please heal your daily fatigue with this magic power and wonderful scenery. After climbing the mountain, you will enjoy a mini acai bowl at Bogart's Cafe, which is also very popular with loco! You can leave in the dark and return to your hotel around 9am, so you can make the most of your precious Hawaiian day.

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      3.5 hours


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      Pick up at a hotel designated in the Waikiki area

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      Arrival at Diamond Head

      Self-guided hiking

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      Departure from Diamond Head

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      Mini Acai Bowl at Bogart's Cafe

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      Departure from Bogart's Cafe

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      Arrive at Waikiki

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    • Drop off at a hotel designated in the Waikiki area

    Plan Information

    • What's Included
      • BWT Original Diamond Head Certificate.
      • Round Trip Transportation
      • Diamond Head Park Admission Fee
      • Bogart's Cafe Mini Acai Bowl
    • Requirements
      • According to Oahu Safe Access the following documents will be required to be presented when using the facilities. *Certificate of vaccination completion *Certificate of negative test for corona virus obtained from a state-designated medical institution within 48 hours prior to use of the facility. *Identification with name, photo and date of birth (e.g., passport, state of Hawaii-issued identification card, driver's license) Children under the age of 12 are not eligible for the vaccine.
    • Restrictions
      • Wheel Chairs cannot be accommodated on the shuttle.
      • Pregnant people can participate, but we ask that you take full responsibility.
      • Please note that you are requested to sign the disclaimer agreement before participating in the tour.
    • What to Bring
      • Bring your own water and other hydration supplies. Water can be purchased locally at the kiosk.
      • There are many places with poor footing, and it may still be dark depending on the season during sunrise hiking, so it is recommended to climb with familiar shoes.
      • Early morning hikes can be chilly depending on the weather. Please bring something to cover your body, especially from November to March.
    • Additional Info
      • Diamond Head opens at 6am, so the time when you can see the sunrise at the summit is limited. Also, depending on the weather and congestion, you may not be able to watch the sunrise at the summit.
      • Infants are not provided with a seat, so please hold them on your lap while riding.
      • The tour schedule may be changed or canceled depending on the weather, traffic conditions, etc.
      • Please take care of your valuables and belongings on your own.
    • Minimum Participants
      • 2
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      1 day before to 14:30

      After 14:30, 1 day before


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