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ダイヤモンドヘッド早朝ハイキングと人気のエッグベネディクト朝食でステキな朝を! ダイヤモンドヘッド登山は、片道約30分の初心者向けハイキングコース。頂上にはワイキキや広大な海を360度の大パノラマでお楽しみいただける絶景が待ってます!登山の後は、ハリウッドスターも訪れるロイヤルハワイアンセンター内にあるイルピーノ。オープンテーブルで心地よいこのお店でお召しいただけるのは、看板メニュー「エッグベネディクト」。フレッシュなハワイの朝にぴったりです。カリっとしたイングリッシュマフィンの上に、ハムととろける卵がのり、クリーミーなオランデーズソースがかかっていて絶品です!

  • Adult (ages 12+)

    USD 98.00

  • Child (ages 3-11)

    USD 98.00

  • Days of Week


  • Duration

    4 hours


  • 5:00 - 5:30

    Pick up at a hotel designated in the Waikiki area

    5:30 - 6:30

    Arrival at Diamond head

    7:30 - 7:45

    Diamond Head departure

    7:45 - 8:45


    Have breakfast

    8:45 - 9:00


    9:00 - 9:15

    Waikiki District Designated Hotel Send

Add-ons / Transportation


  • Waikiki District Designated Hotel Pick-up

Plan Information

  • What's Included
    • 朝食:エッグベネディクト・イルピーノ、コーヒーまたは紅茶
    • Tip
    • Diamond Head Park Admission Fee
    • Diamond Head Certificate.
    • Commemorative photo at the Diamond Head parking lot
    • Round Trip Transportation
  • Restrictions
    • Participation in wheelchairs is not possible.
    • Pregnant people can participate, but we ask that you take full responsibility.
    • Please note that you are requested to sign the disclaimer agreement before participating in the tour.
  • What to Bring
    • Water / drink
    • There are many places with poor footing, and it may still be dark depending on the season during sunrise hiking, so it is recommended to climb with familiar shoes.
    • Early morning hikes can be chilly depending on the weather. Please bring something to cover your body, especially from November to March.
  • Additional Info
    • Diamond Head opens at 6am, so the time when you can see the sunrise at the summit is limited. Also, depending on the weather and congestion, you may not be able to watch the sunrise at the summit.
    • The Diamond Head Climbing Certificate cannot be sent by email or mail at a later date. If you did not receive it during the tour, please contact the operating company during your stay in Hawaii.
    • Due to the weather and other circumstances, the commemorative photo at the foot of the mountain may be canceled. Even in that case, no refund will be given.
    • Infants are not provided with a seat, so please hold them on your lap while riding.
    • The tour schedule may be changed or canceled depending on the weather, traffic conditions, etc.
    • The contents of the dishes are subject to change without notice.
    • Please take care of your valuables and luggage on your own.
  • Minimum Participants
    • 2
  • Cancellation Policies


    15 days before to 14:30


    5 days before to 14:30

    After 14:30, 5 days before


    Participation Date

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  • Adult (ages 12+)

    USD 98.00

  • Child (ages 3-11)

    USD 98.00