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Mānoa Falls Trail Hiking Shuttle

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We will take you to the nearest hiking trail entrance in Hawaii. [highlight] *Save time to hiking *Save to your energy *We pay parking fee to go closest entrance *Best agent Hawaii *Easy drop off and easy pick up Manoa Falls Trail is an easily accessible "rainforest" deep in the Manoa Valley beneath the Ko'olau Range, a 20 minutes drive from Waikiki. Manoa Falls, is a trekking course that is very popular among the locals and the visitors. The trail is 1.6 miles roundtrip and the hike takes 1 to 2 hours depending on your fitness and how muddy the trail is. While on the trail you will encounter enormous prehistoric ferns, native Hawaiian species and the snaking roots of the giant banyan trees. Portions of the Jurassic Park was filmed here. After 30-40 minutes of walking, you will reach the 100-foot Manoa Falls and enjoy the cool and refreshing view of the waterfall. There are no steep grades and the trail is gentle, so beginners can enjoy the hike. Early 2021 trail upgrade was completed. The trail is now wider and easy to walk on, however this is a rainforest so when it rains it tends to be muddy and slippery. This is a self-guided tour to experience the Manoa falls trail, round trip transportation is included.

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      • Round Trip Transportation
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      • Participation in wheelchairs is not possible.
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      • Bring your own water and other hydration supplies.
      • Closed Treaded Shoes or Trail Footwear recommended.
      • Insect repellant.
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